8.0″ Straight Flat Finish

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8″ inch straight, serrated beveled edge.

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8″ straight, serrated beveled edge.

5 reviews for 8.0″ Straight Flat Finish

  1. Pandoraspetparlor

    I was looking for a cheap pair of scissors but still good for when I was pre-cutting a dog. These are good quality and sharp and does the job. LOVE IT!

  2. Nicole

    Got these to bulk through my thick coats. Sturdy and sharp. Did just want I wanted them to do!

  3. Ginger Lute

    I use to use 10 inch only in my younger days. It really helps you see your line for a straighter cut. Especially on big dogs.. these to me feel like 10 inches even though they are 8 and I am in love . It was like turning back time to my better scissoring days. I never liked a thick bodied shear because it seemed to throw off my visual calibrations. These are of the right thickness and feel so good in my hand.. These are soo nice I want its twin which I think I will buy today. Brings me back to the days when the old monks were your most prized possession before they lost quality.

  4. Jamie Brown (verified owner)

    Dont let the price fool you ! These are sharp and sturdy . I needed a longer straight for my large dogs and this fit perfectly.

  5. rcbamrick (verified owner)

    I LOVE these shears! They were super affordable for me and i use them every day! They are incredibly light and easy to use, and the matte finish is just gorgeous.

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