AGS #10 Blade

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Affordable Grooming Shears PREMIUM Clipper blade

* Comb Beveling Provides Improved Feeding Of Hair

* Rockwell Hardness 62

* Fits ALL Detachable A5 Style Clippers

* Cut Length 3/32″ 2.4mm

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Affordable Grooming Shears PREMIUM Clipper blade

* Comb Beveling Provides Improved Feeding Of Hair

* Rockwell Hardness 62

* Fits ALL Detachable A5 Style Clippers

* Cut Length 3/32″ 2.4mm

22 reviews for AGS #10 Blade

  1. Melisa Marie Creekpaum

    No other 10 blades will ever hold up to these!! I got rid of all of my others! Never rusted on me, stays sharp and cool! You will be amazed!

  2. Pandoraspetparlor

    Andis cannot compete with AGS. This blade stays sharp and I don’t ever have a problem with using it for sanitary. Cuts like butter!

  3. Salenah mitchell

    This blade cuts threw pelted matts better than any other brand I have! I compared them all and this one did the best!

  4. Lauren Nelson

    Clean and smooth! Just like all AGS blades, this 10 will not disappoint. If you have those awful matted, shave downs this blade goes right to the skin, gliding through the coat. Makes the dog look smooth and finished..perfection!

  5. Laurie

    Best blade I have bought! Works great, stays sharp and no issues using under guard combs

  6. haleymc33

    I will be forever thankful for these 10 blades. They stay cool and sharp. Great finish on them compared to my other blades.

  7. Tracie Williams

    This line of blades has really impressed me. I have been grooming for 20+ years and have lots of blades. These are my favorite! They feed through the hair nice. They stay sharp. Very good quality blades. I have the set and I highly recommend them.

  8. Nicole

    I am super thankful for the whole AGS blade line. This 10 blade is a work horse and stays cool. I have yet to need to sharpen it and continues to cut through without a problem!

  9. jessicahockemeier

    I absolutely love these blades! They cut well and hold up well too!

  10. Kelly H

    I bought this blade when he was having a sale. They are very comparative to the big name blades but seam to be more durable. I am bad about dropping my stuff. I have not broken this blade yet! Also they do seam to stay sharper longer.

  11. Mayra Dirkzwager

    A reliable blade my every day go to blade for hygiene/Pelted coats/under snapcombs. A must have in each groomers collection!!!

  12. bully4u (verified owner)

    Best 10 blade ever, stays cool and sharp. Cuts through anything and durable. I have several.

  13. Renae Aune

    These blades have easily replaced my others! Smooth cutting, cool running, can definitely see and feel a difference in the results.

  14. Joann Streacker-Walters

    I love AGS blades. All my other blades are now used for wet shaving and dirty dogs. I have yet to sharpen any blade I purchased from Stephen, and I got several soon after he released them! This is my favorite under combs!

  15. Regis Kowalski

    These blades are amazing! They even stay cooler and sharper than any other brand!

  16. misammi122 (verified owner)

    Wow!!! These blades deserves 10 stars. They are so much better than the Andis blades that I was using. They cut so clean and smooth. I will never go back to Andis blades as these AGS 10 blades are the best. A fan from now on!!!

  17. Malora Skidmore

    Considering this is a always must have blade I am beyond pleased with how my 10 has been holding out! Still cuts so nice after months of use. I would recommend this blade for every groomer to have in their collection. You guys are
    so amazing and thank you.

  18. Suzanne Pierce

    AGS quickly replaced all other brands in my salon. Beautiful finishes, stay sharp and cool, and survive abuse.

  19. Jennifer M.

    Used my coworkers AGS blade and they are fabulous!! Definitely get your hands on these!!

  20. Alma (verified owner)

    Use this on my clean dogs shavedowns are done in 30 mins or less no lines !! Love them ! Cut like butter 🧈

  21. Jsassy17 (verified owner)

    The AGS line of blades have never let me down. The 10’s are sharp out of the package, no lines and no catching while doing some pretty matted dirty coats. Love them.

  22. Tina

    So far my favorite 30 blade I have used in years! It’s such a relief not to have to worry about my blades acting up! Thank you AGS!

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