AGS #30 Clipper Blade

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Affordable Grooming Shears PREMIUM Clipper blade

* Comb Beveling Provides Improved Feeding Of Hair

* Rockwell Hardness 62

* Fits ALL Detachable A5 Style Clippers

* Cut Length 1/50″ .5mm

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Affordable Grooming Shears PREMIUM Clipper blade

* Comb Beveling Provides Improved Feeding Of Hair

* Rockwell Hardness 62

* Fits ALL Detachable A5 Style Clippers

* Cut Length 1/50″ .5mm

30 reviews for AGS #30 Clipper Blade

  1. Melisa Marie Creekpaum

    There is no other brand of blades I will use! This 30 is amazing!! The smoothest cut with a guard comb I have ever gotten!!

  2. Karen Ercolano

    I use the AGS 30 blade under my metal snap on combs for thick coats. It’s cuts clean and it stays sharp longer then other blades (Andis and Oster) I have used over the years. This blade is a must have.

  3. Pandoraspetparlor

    This is my go to blade on paw pads! Highly recommend! No better blade out there than AGS!

  4. Aimee Ellinwood

    The absolute best 30 blade I’ve ever used! Worked right out of the box no tugging hair. I use it under metal comb attachments and it leaves the smoothest cut, no lines or having to go over and over like I used to with other brands. Highly recommend this blade and I look forward to purchasing other lengths in the future!

  5. Anne Amadon

    I will never buy another band of blade ( and I have tried many). Perefect under metal attachment combs

  6. haleymc33

    Can’t believe how much better these work compared to my old andis blades. They stay cool for so long and have such a great smooth finish. I rarely need sharpening on them. Amazing quality. You won’t be disappointed. My coworker whose been grooming for over 15 years could not go back to her old blades after having tested mine out, so she had to buy some of her own eventually!

  7. Chelsea Colleen (verified owner)

    I love using this blade under my combs as well as for paw pads. They stay cool and sharp.

  8. Nicole

    This was one of the first blades I bought from AGS because all my other 30 blades would constantly drag through thick doodle coats, when trying to work with my comb attachments. I love how this just plows through coat, reducing the number of times I need to go through the coat to get a smooth finish. After this blade, I switched all my blades to the AGS!

  9. jessicahockemeier (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these blades! They cut well and hold up well too!

  10. Kelly H

    I bought this blade when he was having a sale. They are very comparative to the big name blades but seam to be more durable. I am bad about dropping my stuff. I have not broken this blade yet! Also they do seam to stay sharper longer.

  11. Mayra Dirkzwager

    Awesome Blade stays sharp for long, Love it under a snap comes. AGS is high up there in quality definitely comparable to Furzone

  12. bully4u (verified owner)

    The best blades I have ever used. Love this under a snap on comb. Cuts smooth and saves time.

  13. Bre Glinski

    I love this blade under my combs. I am slowly transitioning all my blades over to AGS, as they are the best out there!

  14. Renae Aune

    Delightful smooth cutting, cool running blades. I reach for all my AGS blades before my other big named ones. I find I’m in need of a back up for each become I can certainly tell when I’m not using one. They make a real difference!

  15. Shermalee Gamble

    This is the absolute best brand for clipper blades. #30 blade is perfect to use under the AGS snap on combs. This is my #1 recommendation to ant dog groomer!

  16. Regis Kowalski

    This blade is absolutely amazing under the snap on Combs. After I bought one AGS blade, I can’t use any other brand now!!

  17. Hope Arnautu

    AGS 30 blades are amazing! I used to have problems with teeth breaking under my combs, but not with AGS! And they cut amazing!

  18. Ava Knight (verified owner)

    FINALLY a 30 blade that hold up with me! Ive tried andis, oster, wahl to no avail. cuts like butter right out of the box (which is far more than I can say for some other brands) and I’m roughly 2 months in with no broken teeth! I am very excited and impressed with the quality.

  19. Karei West (verified owner)

    These are the best blades ever! They glide through the coat like butter. I replaced all my blades with AGS brand blades and only use my old ones as back ups now.

  20. Suzanne Pierce

    AGS quickly replaced all other brands in my salon. Beautiful finishes, stay sharp and cool, and survive abuse.

  21. Lesa Laster

    I absolutely love this blade! Smooth finish and holds an edge after months of daily use

  22. Alma Garduno (verified owner)

    Use it under my guard combs leaves such a smokth finish no lines at all. Super sharp no need to get sharpened when you just get them out of the box!

  23. Jackie Sullivan (verified owner)

    This blade is always under my gaurd combs and still hasn’t broken! This is super durable and leaves such a smooth finish. I have since purchased other AGS blades and have loved them all. I only use AGS and one other brand for blades now.

  24. Ashley Scheller (verified owner)

    I love these blades! I’ve tried so many different brands during the 12 years I’ve been grooming and these are my new favorite! The finish is quality and they don’t clog up like my previous brand I used would do. I will be buying more in the future.

  25. Kerry (verified owner)

    These are awesome and don’t snap under combs like my other blades!

  26. Milo (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough about how great these blades are! I’ve had so many issues with 30 blades not working a week after opening or even right out of the package in some cases! I’ve tried all brands, even the really expensive ones, and I’m so glad I’ve now found AGS blades. Side note: their shipping is insanely fast. I’ve ordered late Thursday or Friday night and had my package in hand by Monday. I don’t know how they do it! Thank y’all so much!

  27. Anne Baker (verified owner)

    In desperate need of a #30 blade and it was on the way a few hours after I ordered it on line. Only blades I use now. Thank you for a quality product (so rare)

  28. Jsassy17 (verified owner)

    I love using the 30 blades for paws and under guard combs. With AGS I know I will get sharp equipment ready to go out of the package.

  29. Brittany g. (verified owner)

    This is my go-to 30 blade at last much longer than any other 30 I’ve ever had

  30. Tabitha Gary

    Finally a 30 blade that doesn’t get stuck the second i pull it out of the package. Love it.

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