AGS #5F Clipper Blade

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Affordable Grooming Shears PREMIUM Clipper blade

* Comb Beveling Provides Improved Feeding Of Hair

* Rockwell Hardness 62

* Fits ALL Detachable A5 Style Clippers

* Cut Length 1/4″ 6.4mm

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Affordable Grooming Shears PREMIUM Clipper blade

* Comb Beveling Provides Improved Feeding Of Hair

* Rockwell Hardness 62

* Fits ALL Detachable A5 Style Clippers

* Cut Length 1/4″ 6.4mm

19 reviews for AGS #5F Clipper Blade

  1. Melisa Marie Creekpaum

    I hated using a 5 blade until I tried the AGS 5 blade! It gives a smooth cut while being tough enough to get through a lot!! All groomers
    Should own this!!

  2. Pandoraspetparlor

    AGS blades are amazing and the 5 blade is no different. Leave such a better cut then the Andis 5 I was using.

  3. Kellie Klunder

    I have a lot of trouble with 5 blades not cutting right but the AGS 5 has never given me any issues. Glides through the coat and never gets caught up in the hair or drags.

  4. Salenah mitchell

    Love this blade! Cuts so smoothly

  5. Anne Amadon

    Smoother finish with must less work. You can’t go wrong

  6. Lauren Nelson

    The 5F blade is perfect for those clients who want a “shave down” but not right to the skin. It leaves a perfect finish, with a little fuzz left!

  7. haleymc33

    Before I got these AGS blades, I would normally never use a blade of any length above a #7 because I hated how choppy the coat looked afterwards. I always went with the attachment combs.
    BUT since I got these blades, man oh man. They are my go to now. I don’t reach for attachment combs nearly as often. Such a smooth finish and stays cool for forever!

  8. Tracie Williams

    This line of blades really impressed me. I have been grooming 20+ years and have lots of blades. These are my favorite! They feed through the hair nice. They stay sharp. Very good quality blades. I have the set and I highly recommend them.

  9. Nicole

    Best 5 blade you can find! I added the whole AGS blade line to my grooming tact box after trying one blade. Stays cool and sharp after many uses. Sturdy and durable on those accidental floor drops. Wouldn’t use any other brand!

  10. jessicahockemeier

    I absolutely love these blades! They cut well and hold up well too!

  11. Kelly H

    I bought this blade when he was having a sale. They are very comparative to the big name blades but seam to be more durable. I am bad about dropping my stuff. I have not broken this blade yet! Also they do seam to stay sharper longer.

  12. Bre Glinski

    Great blade! Great cut! Will not purchase any other brand.

  13. Renae Aune

    This length can be tricky for other big name blades to cut to true and smooth. The AGS 5 blades are a must for all coat types.

  14. Sarah Talbot-Hamilton

    Love these AGS blades! I replaced my whole blade collection which consisted of Andis and a few Wahl with AGS blades. I feel confident when using these blades that they are going to cut how they are supposed to and not create extra work for me. They are like workhorses. Strong and dependable. If you haven’t tried an AGS blade yet, do yourself a favor and get yourself one. You can thank me later.

  15. Regis Kowalski

    This is my go-to blade of choice!!! I have 15-20 of these. I can’t stop buying them… Even gave away all my other brand blades. Since switching to AGS, i can’t use any other blades!

  16. kasyjmendez (verified owner)

    These are my first blades from ags besides the 30 w that I use under my gc. And you can see and feel the quialitybim the blade and I compared the cut of my 5f andis blade and my 5f wohl competition series and by far this cu the best and is so smoothe. Cuts like butter soooooo good. Definetly buying all my blade here now and I’m telling everyone I know.

  17. Malora Skidmore

    This is the best blade I have had by far! It cuts so smooth and always looks better than the andis blades I have! These are a life saver and a game changer and thank you AGS for giving us quality with out having to break the bank.

  18. Suzanne Pierce

    AGS quickly replaced all other brands in my salon. Beautiful finishes, stay sharp and cool, and survive abuse.

  19. Meghan Lawson

    These blades are by far the best blades I’ve used! Love them, they give the best finish. No lines, no choppiness.

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