AGS #5FW WIDE Finish Blade

13 customer reviews


Affordable Grooming Shears PREMIUM Clipper blade

* Comb Beveling Provides Improved Feeding Of Hair

* Rockwell Hardness 62

* Fits ALL Detachable A5 Style Clippers

* Cut Length 1/4″  6.4mm


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Affordable Grooming Shears PREMIUM Clipper blade

* Comb Beveling Provides Improved Feeding Of Hair

* Rockwell Hardness 62

* Fits ALL Detachable A5 Style Clippers

* Cut Length 1/4″ AGS 5FW WIDE 6.4mm



13 reviews for AGS #5FW WIDE Finish Blade

  1. Kim

    Absolutely love these wide blades. They are great even when clipping on a dirty coat. Gorgeous smooth finish and takes half the time to groom a dog!

  2. jessicahockemeier

    I do not know how I lived without these wide blades!! They are well made, cut well, and an absolute time saver! A definite must have!!

  3. landofvire

    Awesome blade! Leaves a nice finish and gets through larger dog so much quicker than the standard size blades.

  4. Bre Glinski (verified owner)

    I was always afraid of getting wide blades, but OMG this has made a HUGE difference in shave downs on large dogs!! I can’t believe I waited so long! These are a must have if you are on the fence about them

  5. Jess (verified owner)

    I have the other wide blades and they work great, but the 5 blade I got always drags on the coat and never quite worked right.

    • Jeannette Toth

      Jess, if you feel your clipper is maintained properly please send this blade back, we will test it, and replace it if something is wrong with it.
      I am sorry this has happened, we test each and every product before it ships, so these kind of issues don’t pop up :0(

  6. Christina Newport (verified owner)

    Total game changer and well worth it! I wish I had these wide blades when I started grooming 20 years ago!

  7. Steph Horner

    These wide blades are a game changer! I can’t believe how much time they save on both big and small dogs! The finish is so smooth, I am in love with these blades! I will be ordering more once they come back in stock.

  8. Jessica Macedo (verified owner)

    MUST HAVE! I save so much time with this blade especially on large breeds I can fit a doodle in my busy day as if it was a Shih tzu cuts nice and smooth best product and couldn’t get any better!!!! I have gotten all of my fellow groomers hooked on them don’t waste time buying multiples of each length they sell out fast!

  9. Kathy

    The best investment I’ve ever made! Save time. After 11 weeks of being closed for quarantine I don’t know if I would have gotten thru all the hair without these!! So glad I spent the money

  10. Rebecca McDaniel

    I bought this blade because the #7, that I really wanted was out of stock and since I really wanted to try, I bought it. I was worried that the blade would be to big and awkward for small dogs but man was I wrong! It works great and with the thinner corners I can get into small areas easier then the traditional blades. The cut is smooth and glides through the coat like butter. Love love these wide blades

  11. Caitlyn (verified owner)

    Best 5 blade out right now! They do not compare to andis

  12. Sabrina Appelquist (verified owner)

    This blade is a workhorse. It cuts smooth, doesn’t get hot super fast, cuts your time down, and is very well made. The fact that AGS takes the extra mile on each blade is amazing. Made me feel much better knowing someone cares what they are sending me and not just trying to get money. If you are reading this please don’t hesitate you should buy the wide blades because like me you will be upset that you did not buy them sooner!

  13. Vicki Wu (verified owner)

    MUST BUY. Cuts down on so much time. The wide blade feels just like a normal blade. Wish I purchased sooner!

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