AGS #7FW WIDE Clipper Blade

30 customer reviews


Affordable Grooming Shears PREMIUM Clipper blade

* Comb beveling provides improved feeding of hair

* Rockwell Hardness 62

* Fits ALL Detachable A5 Style Clippers

* Cut Length 1/2″ 3.2mm


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Affordable Grooming Shears PREMIUM Clipper blade

* Comb beveling provides improved feeding of hair

* Rockwell Hardness 62

* Fits ALL Detachable A5 Style Clippers

* Cut Length 1/2″ 3.2mm


30 reviews for AGS #7FW WIDE Clipper Blade

  1. Megan Cummins

    A must have for summer shave down season!

  2. Kara

    Hands down the best 7 wide blade on the market! It cuts shave time down immensely. It came sharpened and ready to use unlike other blades I have purchased. If you dont have one you are missing out;) Thank you for such a reliable product its refreshing in this industry!

  3. Shana Kleinschmidt (verified owner)

    Must have for field cuts! Makes the job so much quicker. Cuts very nice through thick doodle cuts too.

  4. Kim

    Great for the shave downs. Stays sharp for what seems like ever. One of my favourite blades I have discovered!

  5. jessicahockemeier

    I do not know how I lived without these wide blades!! They are well made, cut well, and an absolute time saver! A definite must have!!

  6. landofvire

    Great for shaving down big dogs quickly and leaves a nice finish! Big time saver!

  7. Bre Glinski (verified owner)

    I was always afraid of getting wide blades, but OMG this has made a HUGE difference in shave downs on large dogs!! I can’t believe I waited so long!

  8. Christine

    I cant believe I’ve gone this long without a wide blade. Way to knock out some large breed summer clips. The only thing I would have liked to see would be a little more oil to the blade. It was bone dry upon arrival. Nice and sharp after a good oiling though. Will be buying more of these wide blades.

  9. Shermalee Gamble

    This is an absolute must have for summer. This is a quicker way to get large dogs a summer cut. It’s a smooth texture with no lines! I would 100% recommend this to anyone!

  10. Ava Knight

    This 7 wide is hanging in like no other! beautiful cut and long lasting blade. Summer shaves were a breeze and the blade cuts time almost in half on some dogs. I will never be without one again

  11. Kristen divito (verified owner)

    Best blades hands! Wide and standard sizes! They all cut like butter with a beautiful finish! Definitely cuts down my grooming time! A game changer in the grooming world! I reccomend everything ags to all my fellow groomers!!! These blades are the bestttttttttt!!!!!

  12. Christina Newport (verified owner)

    Total game changer and well worth it! I wish I had these wide blades when I started grooming 20 years ago!

  13. Alyssa Stockton

    I ordered this blade alone because I had heard lots of good things about wide blades, but wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not. As soon as I used it for the first time, I bought the other lengths and the guard comb set too! I can’t believe I waited this long. I was skeptical, but when people say this is a game changer they are completely right! Great product by AGS, as always.

  14. Christine (verified owner)

    Game changer! I wasnt sure if I would like using wide blades. I ordered the 7F to try out. To say I love it would be an understatement. Total game changer. Cuts hair beautifully and cuts time tremendously. I will be ordering more sizes and comb attachments.

  15. Bryanna McCartney (verified owner)

    This blade is life-changing! Every groomer should have these blades on hand. They cut your groom time down by half and are so sharp and ready to use when they arrive. They’re definitely the best blades out there!

  16. Amanda

    Hands down the best thing ever made! I love AGS wide blades and plan to get more. They cut so smoothly and the wide blades cut my time in half. The finishing look from their blades is outstanding! One day I’ll have all my blades by AGS!

  17. Brandie Bilyeu (verified owner)

    I love how much time the wide blades save on shavedowns. I dont suggest using them on any dirty coats as I feel like they dull very fast. I dont use the regular sized blades anymore unless I have to.

  18. Taylor Hodgetts (verified owner)

    Since using the wide blades my grooming time and finish has improved!! I love that I don’t have to go over and over and over again!! The finish is so smooth even on the softest of coats!! AGS is definitely my new go to!!

  19. Maria kostalas (verified owner)

    Love this blade! Saves time and leaves fur looking even and soft! Very gentle on the skin compared to other blades also!

  20. Jessica Macedo (verified owner)

    MUST HAVE! I save so much time with this blade especially on large breeds I can fit a doodle in my busy day as if it was a Shih tzu cuts nice and smooth best product and couldn’t get any better!!!!

  21. Katlin Rose (verified owner)

    MUST HAVE BLADE! I couldnt imagine fixing and doing all these Corona home haircuts without it! Saves so much time!

  22. Nancy Lucas

    These awesome blades make those big dog shavedowns sooo much faster and easier. I love the 30 wides too under the wide combs, saves so much time!

  23. Rebecca McDaniel (verified owner)

    This is absolutely a must have for any groomer and especially during shave down season. It has cut through the thickest, dirtiest coats and is still going strong. And it’s not just for big dogs! I love the thin corners that can get into tight places even on little dogs. If you are a groomer, buy this blade!

  24. Beth Hamlett (verified owner)

    Amazing! Cuts like butter and saves so much time

  25. Caitlyn (verified owner)

    These are fabulous for a busy salon with a lot of shave downs!

  26. Alicia Vaughn (verified owner)

    I’m never going back to regular sized blades! Using the wide 7 really does save lots of time and is much more satisfying to watch all of that hair come off at once. Also, the blade quality in general is so nice that if I ever need to replace the few regular sized blades that I so use, I’ll choose AGS!

  27. Milo Milem (verified owner)

    I’ll never use regular sized blades again. Not sure how I’ve been grooming this long without wide blades – it’s a total game changer. If you’re thinking about trying them, don’t hesitate! They’re so worth it.

  28. Nicole Naugler (verified owner)

    I didn’t like the wide blades at first and only used them on giant dogs. Now I use them on most dogs and ordered two or more of each length

  29. Kathy Roche (verified owner)

    I’d been using a couple Andis #5 wide blades for many years, and often wished I had them in #4 and #7 – never could find them tho. Thank you AGS for granting my wish – I love these blades! They’re a HUGE time saver!!

  30. Michelle Tingley

    I’ve been timing myself while grooming & this blade consistently cuts 10 minutes from my groom time. At the end of the day, that adds up to an entire extra dog I can do, and more money in my pocket! Nice smooth finish and holds its edge!

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