AGS 8pc Wide Comb Attachments w/ (1) 30WSE Blade & a FREE Storage Holder

10 customer reviews


AGS WIDE 8pc snap on comb SET with Black Storage Holder and ONE 30 WSE Blade

Comb sizes:

  • 3mm 1/8″
  • 6mm 1/4″
  • 10mm 3/8″
  • 13mm 1/2″
  • 16mm 5/8″
  • 19mm 3/4″
  • 22mm 7/8″
  • 25mm 1″

The only detachable wide blade sizes that can be used with these combs are as follows:

30 WIDE               30 WSE

15 WIDE            10wf WIDE

Wide comb storage holder is made in the USA & top rack dishwasher safe.

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10 reviews for AGS 8pc Wide Comb Attachments w/ (1) 30WSE Blade & a FREE Storage Holder

  1. Jennifer Anderson

    These combs and blades are a complete game changer. We are cat exclusive, and these combs just glide through dirty and clean cat hair. We easily added an extra cat per groomer per day when we switched oue plush trims over to these combs from the standard Wahl stainless combs. Yeah $355 seems steep, but that two or three extra cats or dogs and it’s paid for. Work smarter, not harder. I’m old enough to remember the old plastic combs that popped off every second and the first time I used these I wanted to cry for joy.

  2. Samantha Jacques (verified owner)

    Another great product from AGS. This set makes all those doodle cuts a breeze. If you’re looking to get a wide comb set look no further. This one is well made and the storage is super nice. You also can’t beat their customer service!!

  3. Coleen Jeffreys

    BUY THESE NOW. I have used mine for a year now with all of the blades teeth still intact and no bending on the guard combs. Very good quality and just a game changer as a groomer. Don’t know how I lived before I found AGS wides

  4. S. M.

    Do you want to save time on your grooms? Do you want high quality blades and clip combs? Do you want a great caddy to store them all in? Then you need to order this. AGS Wide combs are a GAME CHANGER. I’ve been grooming for 15 years, and have only had these amazing tools for the past year. I wish I’d had them since day one!

  5. Chase waddell

    These wide guide combs have made my life so much easier big dogs can be done so much faster now! These have changed the grooming world!!!!!

  6. Sarah

    Absolute GAME CHANGER! If you’ve been on the fence about buying these, DO. IT. I PROMISE it’s worth the investment! You won’t regret it!

  7. Kailin Carr

    I use my wide blades on EVERY dog, big or small. They save me time and are easy to use. I have never had an issue with them falling off the blade. They are easy to clean, and great quality as they are sturdy and well put together.

  8. Marissa Lyons

    This set with tray is the best. I use this daily! I love that I can have all my products in one handy tray that can be rinsed clean! Thanks for having the #1 products at an amazing price!

  9. sabinaramey (verified owner)

    Wide combs have been a huge game changer as a groomer who does 8-10.dogs a shift and a lot them being big doodles and poodles. I never use my regular combs any more!

  10. Anthony Skatz

    Good luck finding a color-coded (VERY appreciated during a busy shift), wide-blade, guard-comb set, plus a wide 30 blade, at this sales price of $200 as of this review, that’s this good. One thing I’ve loved about all of AGS’s wide blades is how firm they feel on the blade; I never have fear of them “catching” and getting loose or bent.

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