AGS F’N Fluffing and Finishing Comb

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Comb length measuring at 8- 7/8″ long
Tooth length measuring at 1-3/8″ long
Comb Weight 1.5 oz

The tight fine teeth making fluffing and finishing a breeze, you will see a difference with this comb. Finally a comb you can purchase, that’s effective, a difference maker at a affordable price.


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The tight fine teeth making fluffing and finishing a breeze, you will see a difference with this comb. Finally a comb you can purchase, that’s effective, a difference maker at a affordable price.

Best for fine coats and gives ultimate volume for the best finish. Great for asian styles!

17 reviews for AGS F’N Fluffing and Finishing Comb

  1. Lauren Nelson

    LOVE this comb!! We have been calling it the “magic comb” at the shop. It makes those greasy coats feel soft. It separates the hair beautifully & gets down to the under coat!!

  2. Heather Boyd

    We ordered this comb at my shop for all the groomers because we have been using “another comb” on the market that we had all fallen in love with! The AGS comb absolutely lives up to our expectations and is just as good as the “other comb” which is three times the price! I ACTUALLY LIKE IT BETTER BECAUSE THE TEETH ARE A LITTLE BIT LONGER. It’s an amazing finishing comb for separating the hair and getting a nicer finish when scissoring. It is also exceptional for getting out undercoat on cats and shedding breeds. The difference with this comb compared to regular Combs is the teeth are very fine.
    Once you use this comb you will never go back to a traditional grooming comb. Thanks Stephen! Excellent product!

  3. Lia Whitmore N.C.M.G (verified owner)

    I bought this comb to try and Im so very glad. Im a long time groomer and I jave a few repetative motion injuries. Im slowly changing all my tools over to lighter more efficient tools to save the wear and tear on my body. This comb is fabulous! Not only is it very light in my hand but I also find that it grabs and finds clumps in coats with far less efforts. It is my favorite comb and Im only sorry I didnt have it years ago.

  4. Tiffany Groom (verified owner)

    So glad I pulled the trigger on ordering this comb . The comb is very light and has a nice round spine . I have one of those 80 usumi combs and IMO this is just as nice if not better . I will be ordering a second when they come back on sale . My hand scissoring poodle and doodle game has definitely got an edge now .

  5. Shauna Bibb

    How have I groomed the last 15 years without this comb?!

    It grabs the hair nicely when I’m fluffing which means I’m needing to go over areas less times. Time is money!

    Love, love, love this comb!

  6. Salenah mitchell (verified owner)

    Dude! This comb is the bomb!! Seriously!! THE BOMB!

  7. Karei West

    Awesome comb! great for combing out kitties, but I also love using them on dogs. Very light weight and fluff the coat up nicely. One of my must haves and use on a daily basis!

  8. Tanya Ellis

    I bought this comb last year and I also have the Utsumi comb which is similar. This particular comb has become my favorite comb by far. I absolutely love it. Thank you for this amazing product

  9. Morgan Roberts (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this comb!! I feel lost without it now and don’t know how I groomed without it. I’ve never been able to find such a fine toothed comb that was also as light as this one! Perfectly seperates the hair on your poodles and doodles and grabs up all those stubborn drop coats as well to ensure precision on every coat type. I also use these combs for my spray ups for my show poodles and boy does it really make a difference in how smoothly my hair comes together!!

  10. Trista (verified owner)

    I love this comb. I was looking for something to give me that good fluff for the best finishing look and this is it! I dont groom a dog without it!

  11. Kristilynn (verified owner)

    I cannot live without this comb! I don’t know how I made it ten years without it! I even bought a backup just incase.

  12. Nicole Dunn (verified owner)

    I own 30 combs. It’s kind of a problem. Anyways I literally want to cry after I received this from the black Friday deal. It’s literally THE BEST COMB ever. They weren’t lying by their name. Thank you again

  13. amandanicolecartwright

    Basically all I have to say has been said in all the other 5 star reviews. If you’re thinking about buying this..just do it. It’s a great comb. Made my old man Bichon request super fluffy!

  14. Tracy Wickel (verified owner)

    Best combs on the market hands down

  15. Haley Huerta

    This comb is amazing! Strong but also delicate. I’ve had for at least two years and it’s still going strong! Absolutely love the combs AGS sells.

  16. Kathy Roche (verified owner)

    After 30 years of grooming, I’ve acquired a LOT of combs – but now that I’ve found AG’s F’n combs, most of my collection just collects dust. The F’n Fluffing and Finishing comb light as a feather and feels good in my old arthritic hands – it’s a MUST for scissoring legs and topknots!

  17. Stacia Reeser (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful! This comb is fantastic with thicker poodle and doodle coats. Glides through hair and really fluffs it up for scissoring. It has lightweight tines that help to flick up the coat for finishing, very comparable to Utsumi combs.

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