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AGS WIDE 4pc snap on comb SET

Comb sizes:

  • 10mm 3/8″
  • 13mm 1/2″
  • 16mm 5/8″
  • 19mm 3/4″

The only detachable wide blade sizes that can be used with these combs are as follows:


30 WSE


10wf WIDE

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AGS WIDE 4pc snap on comb SET

Comb sizes:

  • 10mm 3/8″
  • 13mm 1/2″
  • 16mm 5/8″
  • 19mm 3/4″

The only detachable wide blade sizes that can be used with these combs are as follows:



10wf WIDE

29 reviews for AGS WIDE 4pc Comb SET

  1. Heather Roozee

    These are amazing!! They glide thru even the thickest coats, leave a beautiful finish without scissoring over, and cut time in half on those large breeds. I cannot live without them now!

  2. Ava Knight (verified owner)

    These guys are game changers! I can do most well behaved small dogs in 20 minutes and my big doodles in 30-40. I am in LOVE. if you are even thinking they may be for you, take the plunge! you wont regret it. the only thing I wish is that they had the 1/4 guard as well because then id just about throw out my other guard set.

  3. Rosemary Lopez

    These really make the cuts come out phenomenal!!!! Glides through the coats!!

  4. Kristi Mann (verified owner)

    Dear anyone reading this review….. these are worth every penny. They are not flimsy at all. Easy to use, and combined with a #15 or #30 wide blade will leave a beautiful finish on any clipped coat. If you care about your work, into saving time, love yourself and buy them. The Blades are the secret, there are more cutting teeth per row on the standard or the wide blades, leaving a more smooth or finished cut. 22 teeth vs 18.
    Invest in yourself, you’ll never look back.

  5. Kristie Stewart

    Love love love these.
    Getting ready to order a second set.
    My new must haves.

  6. Michelle (verified owner)

    Loved these blades comfortable to use and helps with smooth clipping of large breed dogs such as golden doodles. Highly impressed best work done with the 15 and 30 wide tooth blade no regrets with this purchase totally worth the money !!

  7. Kim Robertson (verified owner)

    I can’t imagine grooming a doodle without these😁
    It takes half the time

  8. Joshua J

    How did we ever get through life without these magnificent Combs. Cut your body work time almost in half. Attach to any brand clipper with detachable blades. I only wish I had purchased a spare set at APF before they sold out.

  9. Amanda Wright (verified owner)

    Biggest time saver I’ve bought in a long time! Not just because of the extra width, but they cut so smoothly you really cut down on scissoring time…. now if only there could be a wide set for the bravura <3

  10. Laurie (verified owner)

    Love these!! These are a must have! Will be ordering another set soon and will be wishing for longer lengths to come out soon 🙂

  11. Jaime Howard

    The wide combs/blades are a game changer! Especially with the large doodles!

  12. Shawna

    Obsessed with this clip comb set. The 30 glides SO SMOOTHLY through coats and cuts my clipper time in half.

  13. Stevie

    A must have!! Absolutely love these wish they had been on the market for years. I use on all sized of dogs and cats.

  14. Lauren L (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these and use them everyday and save so much time using them. They are very well made and durable.

  15. brendascott (verified owner)

    These have definitely upped my productivity. One of my top tools to use!

  16. Anne Amadon (verified owner)

    I was late jumping on the wide blade wide comb bandwagon as I could not see the benefit. I was so wrong. These are a huge time saver for big dogs like standard poodles and doodles

  17. Jessica Higgins (verified owner)

    These are a serious game changer. I was concerned when I first bought them that they wouldn’t work for small breed dogs, but I’ve found that they’re super effective regardless of size. And when grooming the big kids, they save a massive amount of time. My groom time has improved significantly, and they leave a nice clean finish on the coat. I rarely even touch my regular guard combs anymore. Looking forward to a nice storage system for them and the wide blades.

  18. Debra (verified owner)

    Love these combs they are great with the# 30 blade it cuts my time down especially on Doodles!

  19. Melissa S

    Total game changer. I love my wide combs! They make grooming dogs so much faster! I’m so happy that I spent the $$ it was well worth it.

  20. Jennifer Peever

    These are a life safer, they go through the coat smoothly and can save me 20 min on a large dog groom. As long as the coat is brushed (mostly) they will glide through. Cant live without these now, theres no turning back lol

  21. Jessica Macedo (verified owner)

    This set is amazing!! I cut down my groom time in literally half especially with big dogs also fussy dogs that tend to get worst the longer your grooming. These help with that because it saves so much time and the Wide #30 cuts hair like butter so no tug or pull. Doesn’t build up too much hair between the guard comb and blade as long as you keep them nice and clean. Highly recommend!!!

  22. Randi D (verified owner)

    These blades save me tons of time on big dogs and doodles. They are heavy duty too!! Don’t forget your wide blade!

  23. Amanda Krist (verified owner)

    These are magical!!! Get done quicker, smoother cut, wide blades the best. I’m sure how I groomed with out them.

  24. Amanda Krist (verified owner)

    These are magical! Groom faster, smoother cuts. Not sure how I groomed with out wide blades!

  25. Katlin Rose (verified owner)

    This is probably the best set of clippers combs to buy if your a busy groomer. If your looking to save some time, doing all over cuts, these are your basic gaurd comb lengths, A, O, 1, and 2. They help immensely when doing large breed and even some smaller cuts.

  26. Rebecca McDaniel (verified owner)

    I bought this set because they are the lengths I use most. They slide through the coat very smoothly with a 30 blade underneath and cuts my time in half. I am looking forward to purchasing the entire set soon

  27. Melissa

    I’m skeptical about most things. I ordered these and a wide 30 blade a few months ago. . . They are AMAZING!! I have a lot of doodle clients, and a few typically take me 3 hours due to size and coat volume. One of them gets a lamb cut that takes forever to set. I use the wide guards exclusively with him now. What used to take me an hour to rough in, now takes about 20-30 minutes. You won’t regret getting these!

  28. Jackie moore

    I will never groom without them!! Absolutely amazing, worth every penny. I’ve convinced bunches of groomer friends to purchase them also!

  29. Mandy C

    I wasn’t going to order these because I only groom smaller dogs, then I tried out my coworkers wide combs and I was hooked! They work amazing on all sized dogs, cuts the hair like butter and leaves a great finish. So worth it!

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