AGS Wide Comb 5/8″ attachment (16mm)

(6 customer reviews)


Single Wide Comb attachment

  • 5/8″ or 16mm
  • Metal snap on comb, attaches to any AGS #30 wide, #30WSE, #15 wide, and #10WF blade.

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6 reviews for AGS Wide Comb 5/8″ attachment (16mm)

  1. Rachel

    Broke within days of purchasing and now out of stock so I can’t even get a replacement. Doesn’t fit well on the wide 30 (also from AGS), like most of the 4 piece shorter set. Very loud because of this. Would have rated higher if it lasted/fit the blade because it really does cut groom time in half.

  2. Megan

    This is one of my go to combs! Over the new 30W SE it cuts like butter.

  3. Axl

    I love these wide combs but hate the quality. They’re very delicate and will break easily if accidently dropped while attached to the clippers. No warranty either. Other than that, they do leave a nice finish and save time.

  4. laura19666 (verified owner)

    i would like to also add that i’m now replacing just this length (5/8) because it broke. the others lengths are still fine after a few years of heavy use. i did not drop it.

  5. Lori Llewellyn

    Mine broke, they are very delicate which sucks because we are groomers. But I’m ordering another one right now, cuts grooming time down so much. I hope they listen and make them stronger soon. 😉

  6. Jake

    Broke the first time that it was used. Dog knocked clipper off of table and bent one of the combs, as soon as I tried to straighten it it snapped off.

    • Jeannette Toth

      Sadly, gravity can not be kind at times

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