Amigo 38 Tooth CURVE BLENDER

(2 customer reviews)


HEAVY DUTY curve 38 tooth BLENDER

7.5″ in Length

Convex edge at 50 degrees, super sharp

440c Stainless Steel, fully forged

Super comfortable ergonomic handle design

Permanent Finer rest

Weighs 3.0oz, heavier than most shears

In stock


AGS New Curved Blender, made of super high quality steel

Heavier than most of are shears, built to cut through dense coat types

2 reviews for Amigo 38 Tooth CURVE BLENDER

  1. Heather Boyd

    I’m obsessed with these blenders! I constantly find myself overlooking all my other shears and going for these to finish faces, and blend lines, smooth out topknots etc. The feel great in my hand and cut beautifully.

  2. Jacob Torres

    Stephen told me about these and I decided to give them a shot! Holy Moly!!! They have completely changed the way I do faces, especially Asian Fusion heads! Also great for poodle top knots too! Highly recommend!!!

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