Asian Fusion 6.5″ Curve

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This feather light weight shear is made of space grade aluminum. The weight of this shear makes it feel like nothing is in your hand.

This shear is nothing but a pure sculpting, LIGHT FINISHING shear.

This shear will NOT cut through thick coat, it was not designed for that kind of work.

Careful when cutting near pads of feet, toe nails will damage blades.


These shears have a VERY SHARP beauty style cutting edge, to allow you to do that fine detail grooming in the Asian Fusion style.



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This shear will be discontinued once we sell remaining inventory in stock.

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Lilac, Money Green, Purple, Brandywine, Gold

14 reviews for Asian Fusion 6.5″ Curve

  1. Bobbie

    Surprisingly sharp and light, and of course wonderful price. I’ve been using them on my Toy Poodle and my LH Chihuahua, very versatile.

  2. Laurie Bonebrake (verified owner)

    Very light weight and makes doing faces so much easier!

  3. Wendy Flanagan (verified owner)

    I got a pair of these and they are amazing I use them every day and plan to buy another pair soon

  4. Meghan Lawson (verified owner)

    I was lucky enough to grab a pair when they first came up for sale. I have another pair of hard curves from AGS that I use for the Asian faces. I will say, these seem to give a better result than the other hard curves I have. They’re nice and light. The colors are cute too.

  5. Kathleen arnold

    Great deal! I use them on tiny feet and faces and they are amazingly light and sharp

  6. Kathleen arnold

    Great deal! I use them on feet and faces and they are amazingly light and sharp

  7. Kim Hickman (verified owner)

    Excellent Scissor!!! I ordered one pair a few months ago and absolutely love them. Will be placing an order for two more as soon as they’re in stock again. AGS is definitely my newest go to for grooming products now. I’ve ordered wide blades, guards, at least 8 different scissors and love them all.

  8. C Scott (verified owner)

    These have changed the game for me. I’m not really a curves kind of girl but I figured I would get a pair of these to do the doughnut muzzle on my own dog, little did I know I would be using these on nearly every dog I groom. The are fantastic on faces, the back of legs, even schnauzer skirts. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know.

  9. Erica Tefft (verified owner)

    SUPER light weight. Excellent finishing shears to help get that super round, trendy Asian fusion style on dogs. Also great for bichons and top knots!

  10. Christy Zoll

    Unbelievably light. Does a beautiful job on faces especially when using the half Moon comb with it. I get alot of compliments on a majority of heads when using both.

  11. Randi D (verified owner)

    I love these shears so much I bought two pairs they are great for detailed work around tiny mouths and tiny feet light weight and Precise

  12. Desiree

    I absolutely LOVE these! I use them on every dog that I groom. I curvature on them is wonderful and makes trimming faces and paws a breeze. 110% recommend these!

  13. Link (verified owner)

    I bought them when I was ordering a pair of thinners cause they were only $40 and thought I would just try them. Good finishing shears and very light. I wasn’t too excited about them and aren’t necessary to achieve a good finish. But overall good shear Especially for Asian fusion.

  14. Minjung Cho (verified owner)

    It’s very light weight and sharp.
    I use many times with small breeds especially it really works well with soft hair like yorkie and malti. Me and my coworker really enjoy this

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