Bulk 30 pc pack of gel inserts

13 customer reviews


In light of the high demand of BULK package requests for gel inserts, we have put together this package. Each order will contain 30 HIGH QUALITY gel inserts listed below

2 Thick wall EXTRA LARGE

4 Thick wall LARGE

4 Thick wall MEDIUM

2 Thick wall SMALL

4 Thin wall LARGE

4 Thin wall MEDIUM

4 Thin wall SMALL

2 Tear Drop Inserts

4 Cushion gel inserts


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13 reviews for Bulk 30 pc pack of gel inserts

  1. Melisa Marie Creekpaum

    I love this pack! It gives you a wide variety to find the right size for
    Your shear and hand! Such a great price!

  2. Salenah mitchell

    I have a bigillion of These! All my co workers steal them so I need more now! My favorite brand and price is amaze balls!!

  3. Kellie Klunder

    This is a great set of inserts so you can find that perfect fit for many of your shears. There are different sizes and thickness to choose from. I like the thick walled ones and the big squishy ones.

  4. Melody W.

    Got a nice variety of colors and sizes. Didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find gel inserts to buy online and these ones didn’t disappoint

  5. Chelsea Colleen (verified owner)

    Variety for the price is second to none. I bought these just to have as backups for any of the shears I buy. Love it. Very comfortable.

  6. landofvire

    Great variety to make sure your shears fit perfectly! You get a little bit of everything in various colors. Great deal!

  7. Bre Glinski

    Great set of inserts! The variety is perfect since I have so many shears with different finger sizes. The quality is great and they hold up to anything I put them through.

  8. Jsassy17 (verified owner)

    I have searched everywhere and this was by far the best deal for rings ! The best price and variety (I was not sure what sizes I needed ) this fit the bill. I loved all the colors !

  9. Mem1793 (verified owner)

    Best set of inserts I’ve found! I am in love with the cushion gel ones! They make my shears feel so much better and so much more comfortable to use!

  10. Dina

    Great variety for all your shears! If you aren’t using these in your shears, your technique is all wrong! Perfect personal pack.

  11. Ashley Scheller (verified owner)

    These are a great deal! Large variety of different inserts. I am very happy with how they fit my fingers and my shears.

  12. Desiree Lucas

    I ordered this set and it’s great! Plenty of variety to choose from!

  13. Jsassy17 (verified owner)

    My salon loves ordering these. We buy a pack and are able to get our shears all fixed up. They are nice and squishy and come in great colors.

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