No Line Double Thinner

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This 40 double tooth thinner is a must for any groomer.

These shears will leave NO LINES that those traditional thinners tend to leave

The teeth have a curve design, so the shear flows beautifully through any hair texture.

This is the shear everyone needs to experience to up your finishing game.



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No Lines Double thinner


** 6.5″ 40 double tooth thinner

** Ergonomic handle design

** Finger tension knob

** Permanent finger rest

** Japanese 440c fully forged stainless steel



15 reviews for No Line Double Thinner

  1. Tiffany Groom

    I have never owned a double thinner . Ones that coworkers have let me try in the past were bulky , rough cutting and jammed up with hair that was hard to remove . These are well balanced in my hand and hair removal is easy . The thinner has a nice taper at the end so they do get into smaller areas as well . I was amazed at how much hair they munch through. My first day using them I left a small bald spot on a head blend line getting used to them 🙂 . I use them visors and beards mainly for a natural look . These work on any coat type I have tried so far. I would recommend them for anyone’s scissor arsenal 🙂

  2. Stacia (verified owner)

    Fantastic thinners! I just purchased another pair for myself (so I always have a sharp one to use) and one for my employee.
    These are lightweight, comfortable to use for long periods of time and cut more hair at once than traditional thinners. Very easy to blend difficult coats (like soft cottony hair) and great for scissor over comb techniques. Great for faces as they have narrow blades and a shorter length. I highly recommend these to be added to any groomer’s collection. They are my new favorite, every dog, all day thinning shears.

  3. Kate Johnson

    These are amazing!! They soften everything up, I love using on faces, end and of ears and tails . I also used them to hand scissor an Pom and the results were incredible z 10/10 definitely a new favorite ?

  4. Renee B (verified owner)

    Amazing thinners! These are my 1st pair of no line double thinners. I have been using them for a couple months now and they have become my favorite thinner to use. Will be investing in a back up pair soon. A must have!

  5. Ashley (verified owner)

    I have been grooming for 15 years and have bought tons of thinners… these are hands down the best pair I’ve ever owned! highly recommend

  6. Carmen

    Once I tried out this thinners i can never go back to the old ones i had. It cuts very smoothly as well as detailly. It gets into every single detail area you need to fix or blend especially on drop coats. It also cut and fix faster!!! You know how important it is to get as efficient as you can while you work. All groomers should get a pair of this thinners and I can’t say enough how I enjoy it a LOT!!!

  7. Dawn Lichtenwalner (verified owner)

    Been grooming for 20 years and these hands down are the best i have ever gotten. These are a must to have in your collection.

  8. Kathleen arnold

    I have wanted double thinners and grabbed these during a sale and I wasn’t disappointed! One of my go to’s with almost every groom

  9. kap.alvz26 (verified owner)

    OMG !!! This are amazing, first time I bought from you guys and wow this scissors are amazing, smooth, light weight for me, now I can’t live without them !!! Now I’m waiting to put my hands on the regular Mako 32 blender and the 44 thinner!!!

  10. Gail Sauer (verified owner)

    Hands down my favorite thinners. Easy to use, smooth, and what a beautiful soft cut they leave. I like to round shihtzu faces with it most often. Highly recommend

  11. Chantelle (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these thinners. I find myself always finishing my faces with these as they blend so well and are true to their name leaving no lines. They are also very light weight and very comfortable.

  12. Chantelle F (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these thinners. I find myself always finishing my faces with these as they blend so well and are true to their name leaving no lines. They are also very light weight and very comfortable.

  13. Tara

    Good thinners and price is right. They caught a little bit at first but seems to have worked itself out. Maybe I was just getting used to holding them. They are super comfy and my go to! I really like how they feel in my hand.

  14. brandy jenkins

    I absolutely love my double tooth thinners! They save me so much time with faces. I also have a straight shear and love it. Their shears are great in price and actually last.

  15. Kristilynn (verified owner)

    Another ags product that I could never live without! These shears are light, comfortable and blend beautifully. My go to shear!

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