FUNDRAISER Ninja 17 tooth Chunker

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This shear is our 4th Annual fundraising event.

We donate shears to help my son’s school, as well show our appreciation to our loyal customer base.

Everyone wins, our AGS groomers get a high quality chunker at a rock bottom price, and the boys school can utilize the donation to help the students

Watch Ellie Attebery show you this shear in action, on the link below



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Ninja 17 Tooth chunker


We have made a chunker to complement our popular Ninja shear line.

This shear is a one piece fully forged shear, the handles are NOT riveted together like many you may see.

Even handle , flipper style handles

Convex edge

6.75″ in length



3 reviews for FUNDRAISER Ninja 17 tooth Chunker

  1. Elliot O

    I purchased this chunker as a beginner pair to learn how I like them and how to use them. They are great and I use them often. I just wish they would cut better with fine, fluffy hair. I have to really push the blades together to get them to cut; I keep them tightened well, so that is not the problem. Overall I am happy with my purchase.

  2. Gale Gallo

    These are my favorites, my go to chunkers, just the right size

  3. Christine (verified owner)

    Been using these for a few months now and absolutely love them!! I need to get another pair for when these eventually need sharpening! They even sent my color (teal)!!

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