Graphite 6.5″ Half Moon Comb FINISHING

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Beautiful AGS Half Moon Comb

50/50 mix teeth Fine/Coarse

6.5″ in length

Welded pins

This comb has fine pins, that come to a point,  which will assist finishing fluffing faces and legs.


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2 reviews for Graphite 6.5″ Half Moon Comb FINISHING

  1. Nicole Dunn (verified owner)

    AGS never lets me down! I already have the Utsumi half moon and wanted to buy this for comparison. They are exactly the same, except AGS is very reasonable in price .Actually, I feel the Utsumi is very fragile and with this comb I have thrown it around and its still like brand new. Thanks for always providing great products at an affordable price.

  2. Christy Zoll

    I love this comb. It really works at getting the sticky outies to scissor. My heads always look great.

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