Mako Shears 65 Tooth Thinner

16 customer reviews


*7.5″ in length

*65 Tooth design

*Curve , triple serrated tooth design

*Convex edge

*Japanese 440c fully forged stainless steel




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The Mako 65 tooth thinner, this shear is what put Affordable Grooming Shears on the map!

Its aggressive style, but soft finish is what groomer say they love. Its triple serrated tooth design holds the coat in place, thus eliminating hair from sliding away.

The tight curve tooth design, gives that effortless cutting flow while grooming.

These shears are what we call “Bullet Proof” watch the durability video, and ask yourself, will your high priced shears stand up to this punishment?


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Finger Rest

Double Permanent, Double Removable, Single Permanent

16 reviews for Mako Shears 65 Tooth Thinner

  1. Mona Bella

    Must have thinning shear for every groomer! I have two pairs already and these are amazing for blending anything. I use it a lot for taking of bulk or shaping a cute teddy head. This is hands down the best thinner many groomers own as well. Don’t hesitate on this one you work will improve with this shear.

  2. Melisa Marie Creekpaum

    I now own 2 of these and love how they leave no lines at all! They are amazing on all coats. Every groomer needs to own at least one of these!

  3. Joanna Bardsley

    Man oh man, the Mako line is truly one of a kind!! No pulling, blends perfectly and cuts every time! I love this thinner along with the other mako items!

  4. kathleenreeb56

    These are wonderful! I love using them on faces and blending. I use these every single day. An absolute must have.

  5. Nicole

    I love these! I was worried they might be big, but they are super comfortable and use them all the time. They are great for soft coat clean ups and faces. They take a good amount of coat off in one swoop but are very graceful about not leaving any lines. These are my go to for Westie heads!

  6. bully4u

    These are great on all coat types. I use them on almost every groom, from taking bulk out to softening faces to earasing lines. A must have!

  7. Renae Aune

    These are the most amazing thinners! I don’t have anything like this in my collection. Smooth and lightweight, aggressive enough to easily cut down the feathering and outlines on Collies, Goldens etc, yet soft enough to leave no lines for body and blending work. Great for large or small dogs.

  8. Cassandra Hedderich

    These are amazing !! Has honestly stepped up the quality of my grooms . Been using them over a year and have not needed to sharpen

  9. Jasmine Davis

    I have got my whole shop using this thinners it is my go 2 and I am in love with it!

  10. Randi Dunn (verified owner)

    I feel in love with these shears so I bought a second pair. Then when my husband started grooming bought him a pair so we have 3 now 😉 best thinker I have ever used!

  11. Andrea Ward

    That’s little flipper thinners are the best!

  12. Brittany Glass

    These shears are ONE OF A KIND!! Always in my arsenal, perfect for thin stringy coats like Yorkies, Maltese, etc.. These are pure erasers for any lines left in a coat! Used them on a double coat in rescue round up and he looked flawless!

  13. Chelsea (verified owner)

    I love love love these so much ! I use them on every dog and always my go to. So happy I found them

  14. bcummings0804 (verified owner)

    Hands down the best shears I have! I now own 2 pairs and I’m about to have another back up to my back up. The quality is out of this world, all the girls in my salon are obsessed!

  15. Brier Willis

    Hands down the best thinner around. Just aggressive enough to get through the hair fast. My most used thinner

  16. Carol Terry (verified owner)

    I just ordered my second pair of these shears, I can’t afford to be without them! The Mako line has made scissoring so much easier for me!

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