Mako Shears Thinner 33T

8 customer reviews


*Double permanent finger rest

* Flipping style handle

*Japanese 440c fully forged stainless steel

* 6.5″ texturing shears

* 33 curved serrated teeth




Scroll down to see a video of this shear in action!

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Watch this durability video below. Please ask yourself, what would happen if your high priced shears fell on the floor. We call these Mako 33 tooth thinners “Bullet Proof”

Scroll down to see a video of this shear in action!

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Double Permanent, Double Removable, Single Permanent

8 reviews for Mako Shears Thinner 33T

  1. Sephra C.

    When they said thinners were a groomer’s “eraser”, they were talking about these scissors. They blend beautifully, and have a great handle!

  2. Melisa Marie Creekpaum

    I also own two of these! They are a great smaller thinner. Fit amazing in my hands and so durable! Great for eyes, and getting a nice blended round head!! A groomers must have!!

  3. Anne Amadon

    These are a groomers magic eraser. Perfect for removing clipper lines or repairing those dreaded home grooming jobs

  4. haleymc33

    These are amazing for smaller breeds and especially nice for achieving that natural finish. These are what I reach for when working on round teddy bear face on the smaller guys. My favorite thing about them is that they are actually very quiet. Perfect for one of my clients that is afraid of the snapping sound that shears normally make.

  5. Bre Glinski

    These are a great pair of thinners, the cut is amazing but they are a bit heavier then the bigger MAKO thinners I have.

  6. Brittany

    My go to thinners. I can groom an entire dog with just these

  7. Brief Willis

    My go to thinners for eyes and small breeds.

  8. Desiree

    I love these thinners! I use them on pretty much every dog that I groom. They blend and finish the coat very nicely! I use them mostly for faces and legs. Absolutely recommend them!

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