Ruff to Buff JUMBO

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GREAT for everyday Professional groomers. These are for those dogs with nails that are not maintained on regular basis.

These come with a COARSE 2:1 dremel bit for quick work.

80 Grit on the barrel

120 Grit inside the concave tip

Shape nail with outside of barrel of bit, then place nail into concave tip, rock tip back and forth to smooth sides.

ATTENTION: If bit looses effectiveness, remove bit from tool, wash bit in water soapy solution, with stiff toothbrush. Once bit is dry, reassemble, and bit will be good as new.

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This bit is design for EXTRA LARGE BREEDS

Circumference of the concave tip is 1/2″

Only ONE bit is sold per package

2 reviews for Ruff to Buff JUMBO

  1. Hope Arnautu

    Couldn’t dremmel without this! Perfect smooth nails every time!

  2. A. Barnard (verified owner)

    Love this dremel head! Especially when used on a powerful grinder this thing is a lifesaver. However the smooth cone part isn’t as helpful with small dog nails. Otherwise it’s perfect!

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