Sweep 10″ HARD CURVE

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This is our 10″ EXTREME HARD CURVE, this shear is for the experienced groomer

The curve to this shear is unlike any other we have seen, with a curve at 33 degrees.

This shear is a heavy duty shear, and is not a light shear by any stretch (4.1 oz), but makes up for it in its well balanced design.

This shear has a ball bearing assembly, which you will notice by its smooth cutting action.

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  • 10″ Hard curve
  • Convex finishing edge
  • Fully forged 440c Japanese stainless steel
  • Internal tension plate
  • Ball bearing assembly
  • Extremely Large finger holes
  • Removable Finger rest

1 review for Sweep 10″ HARD CURVE

  1. Joanna Ray

    These are the best shears for those poodle poms, jackets and topknots! Get the job done right and fast!

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