5pc Veblen BLUE Wide Clipper Blades

5pc Veblen BLUE Wide Clipper Blades

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Introducing VEBLEN by AGS the superior quality clipper blade in the grooming industry

Made from the highest quality materials imported directly from Japan and Germany. Hand-selected high carbon steel has been selected for a long lifespan, as well as the specialized heat process which increases the hardness which allows for a longer lasting blade sharpness.

The new reduced tension spring which will help reduce friction that minimizes blade heat and clipper wear. Blades will still need to be washed regularly and oiled daily to achieve this.

The titanium coating provides a unique and superior cutting experience that is unmatched in the grooming industry. This coating is NOT paint. It is baked into the steel with a double coated process with a chrome base coat. This eliminates static, and a surface so smooth it allows the coat to feed faster and smoother into the blade, giving a cutting experience never achieved before.

The beautiful and vibrant colors are so attractive, it will create what we call "The Veblen Effect". The Veblen effect is the user showcasing they appreciate high quality products, that are not mass produced, and made exclusively for the true professional groomer.

Because Veblen blades are not mass produced, color shading may vary from batches, and quantity of stock on hand may be limited.


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