AGS 9pc *TRADITIONAL SIZE* Colored Comb Attachment Set
AGS 9pc *TRADITIONAL SIZE* Colored Comb Attachment Set

AGS 9pc *TRADITIONAL SIZE* Colored Comb Attachment Set

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AGS Comb attachment set 9 pieces

You can use the following blade sizes with these comb attachments 30, #15,#10, and #9

DO NOT USE A #40 blade 0r #50 blade

Our heavy duty metal comb attachments are built to last

Our comb attachments come in a hard plastic carry case, with a flip top. Perfect to protect your investment while being mobile, as well as to keep them clean.

They come in the following sizes:

(1) 1/8" 3mm (1) 1/4" 6mm

(1) 3/8" 10mm (1) 1/2" 13mm

(1) 5/8" 16mm (1) 3/4" 19mm

(1) 7/8"22mm  (1) 1.0" 25mm

(1) 1.25" 32mm (1) Plastic flip cover carry case

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anthony Skatz

Using these combs with the AGS blades, I feel like their guard combs feel more secure on the blade than the Wahl ones I'd used most of my career.

Ashley Scheller

These are so much sturdier than other brands, they don't clog with hair in the edges and they glide through the coat smoothly. I get a great quality finish with these combs in combination with their #30 blade.

Rebecca McDaniel

I decided to give these a try since they were on sale and a couple of my Wahl Combs were on their last legs. These are fantastic! They seem much sturdier then the Wahl Combs and glide through the hair easily with a #30 under. I did have to use polish to color code them because the writings are not easily seen. Also love the case they come in

Anthony Miller

I used to use the wahl guard comb but noticed these were much sturdier as well as had a better finish. Also I don't have to remove it to pick out hair like I did with the wahl great buy!

Jamie Brown

I was very excited to try this new comb set . I can honestly say I was NOT disappointed ! I had a wahl set previously, these new combs go on so much easier . No worries of breaking teeth trying to get the combs on and off. They slide through hair like butter . The metal does not bend as easily as my walls. Over all much better quality product!