AGS Teal Barracuda Slicker Brush

AGS Teal Barracuda Slicker Brush

Regular price$45.00

Extremely durable brush that comes with longer tines that allow for fluffing and de-matting of undercoats.

This brush is designed to work with denser coated breeds and breed mixes.

Will help you be more proficient on coats that require more time and attention.

Ergonomic handle.

Coated in LATEX paint for a non-slip grip

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love the way this brush handles. The latex coating makes it so easy to hang on to and even though the brush itself is lightweight it is a workhorse that gets the job done!


This is a great brush for those super thick coats and helping with de shedding! This is as good if not better than a competitors brush without breaking the bank. I purchased knock off samples from one of those over seas bulk ordering companies hoping to find an affordable option. Horrible. So glad I found them here at an affordable price!

Trang Q

Really good brush, I used it on all thick double-coated dogs and it worked wonderfully without making the dogs uncomfortable!

Samantha Jacques

This is my go to brush! Works great on the Newfies, Bernie’s, St. Bernard’s etc. This brush works just as well if not better than brushes that cost 2x as much. Buy it you won’t regret it!

Kathy Roche

I looked for a brush like this for years, but I refused to pay what the other guy was charging - especially for a tool that takes so much abuse. So when AGS introduced the teal and the orange as a set for far less, I jumped on it - and I have zero regrets! These brushes make all the difference - thank you AGS!!

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