AGS Zombie 4pc Set
AGS Zombie 4pc Set

AGS Zombie 4pc Set

Regular price$440.00

How much cooler, yet so function-able, can a grooming shear set get?

The Blacked out Zombie shear set is now back in production at the request of AGS Ambassador Ashley Doffing, and I think she made a great choice.

Each shear has a high black gloss finish, with a unique skull design on the finger rest, that will set you apart from all the others !

This four piece set will include:

  • 8" Straight
  • 8" Curve
  • 54 Tooth Thinner
  • 24 Saw Tooth Chunker
  • Coarse Serrations on all to eliminate hair pushing
  • 440C Stainless Steel fully forged
  • Black Titanium Coating
  • External Tension knob for easy adjusting
  • Ergonomic Handle design to reduce hand fatigue

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