F'N Deshedding Comb

F'N Deshedding Comb

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Comb length measuring at 8- 7/8″ long
Comb Weight 1.5 oz

The tight fine staggered teeth make Desheding a breeze, you will see a difference with this comb. Finally a comb you can purchase, that’s effective, a difference maker at a affordable price.

Made in Taiwan

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Skatz

I don't think I've had a better comb to get deep and dead undercoat, especially for double-coated dogs like shepherds and collies, like this one. It works best as a finer-detail deshedder than a one-stop-only choice. I have noticed that it can sometimes catch mats and the tongs can bend, and some dogs have reacted to it more than other brushes, so dogs who are really not fans of being brushed may not gel with this option. But if you accept those caveats, it's one of the best combs you can own.

Melissa Skrobutt

I absolutely love this comb. I use it everyday and it works like a charm! I can’t imagine grooming without it.

B. Lynchard

This comb fits its name! Great for descending and I also use it as a fluffer, it works well for me anyway. This comb will not disappoint!


I absolutely love this comb! I never knew how much I needed this, until I got it, and everyone who has seen me use it and then used it themselves loves it. The one, and only thing that I am not ecstatic about is how thin the grip is. I saw a comment about possibly printing a 3-D slide on handle for this comb. I would absolutely buy that if it were made and offered. But its performance is still unbelievable. I highly recommend anybody and everybody to get this.

Nichole G

This is my absolute favorite comb in my collection! It’s great for de-shedding as well as fluffing out that thick doodle coat! I love that it gently combs out the super tiny mats because it’s such a fine toothed comb. I’ll definitely be ordering a couple more as I don’t know what I’ll do without it. I highly recommend to anyone due to its efficiency!

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