Mako Shears 28 Tooth Curve
Mako Shears 28 Tooth Curve

Mako Shears 28 Tooth Curve

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NEW ADDITION to the Mako line: The CURVED Mako 28 Tooth Blender

Our most popular model shear has out done itself again. Introducing a new 28 tooth blender. What makes this shear DIFFERENT and exciting is the two different tooth designs!

It has a traditional wide triple serrated tooth, with a single small tooth in between. The small tooth is designed to help release the hair, allowing the hair to be removed efficiently.

* It has a 28 TRIPLE Serrated tooth design, to hold the hair in place to prevent hair from sliding while you cut. Added bonus of a single tooth to help prevent hair from building in between the blades.

* Even handle , flipper style handle design

* Permanent finger rests

* Measuring 7.5" in length

* Fully forged 440c stainless steel, giving it a very durable cutting edge.

Watch Macie Pisa demonstrate this shear below!

Customer Reviews

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Karen Rarick
Great Shears!

These are my new go-to curves!!

Bobbie Baugher

I love these for grooming my poodle!


Love how heavy duty these are. They are great for areas on the face when you don't want to take too much off. Haven't found a coat type that they won't go through.

Nicole Dunn "Jennifer Ann"

This brand has never let me down. I have many shears four times the cost of these, and these perform equally as good. One thing I love about these shears are they're indestructible. I have accidently dropped these scissors more times than I would like to admit and each time they have survived to see another day. Lastly, these curved chunkers have been a game changer for my round faces. I don't know what I would do without them.


These curved chunkers are the best. They are my go to for round faces, especially on doodles. The teeth don’t catch at the curve and they are very smooth compared to another brand that I have. Love them!

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