Mako Shears 32 Tooth Blender
Mako Shears 32 Tooth Blender

Mako Shears 32 Tooth Blender

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NEW ADDITION to the Mako line

Our most popular model shear has out done itself again, coming out with this 32 tooth blender.

* It has a 32 TRIPLE serrated tooth design, to hold the hair in place to prevent hair from sliding while you cut.

* Even handle , flipper style handle design

* Permanent finger rests

* Measuring 7.5″ in length

* Fully forged, 440c stainless steel, giving it a very durable cutting edge.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Saige Hoey

These are AMAZING! Please make more so we can buy them again!!!

Carol B

These are absolutely my go to blenders. Most of my clients are doodles and these are terrific on thick coats for super fast blending!


You MUST have these in your arsenal! They are an amazing combination shear . I've used them on thick coated doodles , aussie rears and pomeranians , they are amazing for all of them. They make quick work of thick coats and they are good for faces aswell. Everyone in my salon wants a pair now !

Renae Aune

This is a great in-between thinner! It doesn't leave the big hunks missing like a chunker, but does take off enough hair to get the job done quicker and better blended than most thinners with the same number of teeth.

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