Mako Shears Curve
Mako Shears Curve

Mako Shears Curve

Regular price$99.00

* Japanese 440c, fully forged,Stainless Steel

* 7.5 or 8.0" Curved Professional Grooming Shear

* Internal tension plate

* Double finger rests

*Convex finishing edge



Customer Reviews

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Lynn Marad

I use your entire Maco line in our salon that specializes in Doodles. They are my go to shears for both roughing and finishing. Well balanced and they hold their edge when sharpened. I recommend AGS to any groomer looking for well made and well priced shears. You guys are the best!


Was looking for cfliooer 8” curves and I LOOVVEE these shears. I use nothing. Ur quality shears, and for a fraction of the price of other brands, these have been amazing. Get them!

Jasmine Davis

I got these when I first started grooming they get the job done with nice finnish there light and durable! They also hold a sharpness well to! I recommend these to everyone


I bought these for my terriers and ended up using them for everything. I love how durable these are and are in competion bag because I know I can count on them. The only thing I wish I would have done was purchase the 8" instead of the 7.5" There is a lot of handle to blade making the cutting edge seem small. When making my poodle cuffs, they are great for getting in there, but on my standard, they are a bit small for shaping the rest. Normally 7.5" shears are comfortable for me, but I would definitely recommend the 8" size. If you're trying to find a comfortable competition shear, I would start here!

Melisa Marie Creekpaum

I also own 2 of these! I use them on all my grooms!! And have switched all my groomers in my shop to them!! A groomer dream come true!!

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