Mako Shears Straight

Mako Shears Straight

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* Japanese 440c, fully forged, Stainless Steel

* 7.5 or 8.0" inch shear

* Double finger rest

* Convex edge

* Internal tension plate


*TWO SIZE CHOICES 7.5" or 8.0"


Customer Reviews

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Jackie moore

I love how durable they are, they can take a beating. But, they don’t hold a sharpen and they aren’t a buttery smooth cutting shear. For lack of a better term, they cut rough


I bought these for competition grooming. Working on terriers, my chalk does some pretty decent damage to my higher end shears, and I wanted something I could use with chalk, ruin, and sharpen without costing a fortune. I actually loved these shears so much, I use them on my mini poodle instead. They are super sharp and really durable, so I can take a lot of coat off without them faultering. I've yet to sharpen them and they are still going strong after months of use. The only thing I wish I could change is I bought the 7.5" instead of the 8" and the 7.5 seem small. My mini is just over 14". 7.5" is usually pretty comfy for me, so if your on the line for size, go 8"

Melisa Marie Creekpaum

I have owned these for a few years now! They haven been kicked off a table and had no harm
Done to them! Pick them up and go
Right back to it! Any of the mako shears are my favorite and I have won competition with them!!

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