Munchkin Chunkers
Munchkin Chunkers

Munchkin Chunkers

Regular price$75.00

This chunking shear is perfect for small breeds

* 6" in length

* 14 curve double serrated teeth

* Japanese 440c Fully forged stainless steel

* Convex edge

* Permanent finger rest

* External easy adjusting tension knob, COLORS OF KNOB WILL VARY


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I have very small hands and prefer shorter shears for faces and small dog legs. Finding a pair of short chunkers that also cut the way I want them to has been a struggle. I got these and I reach for them on almost every dog. They cut well, they are small and light, and leave the finish im looking for in a chunking shear. I will buy them again.

Kathy Roche

My munchkin chunkers are probably the most unique yet useful shears in my arsenal. I use them for blending on small dog faces and ears, and for tidying up fuzzy hocks and grinch feet, etc... They're a bit more aggressive than a thinner, but they leave a nice natural looking finish!

Jenny Loo

I love these chunkers. I use them daily on almost every dog. Perfect for faces!

Andrea Ward

Best little chunkers for small dogs and faces!

Deborah Redding

Love these mini chunkers! They are great for little round faces.

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