Munchkin Thinner

Munchkin Thinner

Regular price$75.00

* 35 Tooth thinner measuring 6 inches in length

* Permanent finger rest

* Japanese 440c forged stainless steel

* Hand adjustment tension knob (Colors Vary)

*Convex finishing edge

Very nice small shear for face or detail work.

Customer Reviews

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Amber G.

Absolutely Love my munchkin thinners! I've owned them for almost 2 years. And I use them on every single dog big or small! Great for clearing out the hair in-between the eyes

Desiree Lucas

OBSESSED. I bought these on black Friday this year, I'm in love with them! So great for between the eyes, details, and small dogs! A new must have for me.


These are great for small eye corners and for an overall finish. They move so nicely and have become my go to shears

Elliot O

This thinner is my everyday thinner. I seriously use it on almost every dog I groom! I will most likely purchase another in the future for a back-up. Great for faces and blending skirts and underlines. Highly recommend.

Jeannette Toth

Beth, please return these, we offer a 60 day refund. We sell thousands of the Munchkin thinners and this is our first ever complaint with this model.
We would like to see what went so terribly wrong with this pair

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