To the Point by Macie Pisa 8" Straight

To the Point by Macie Pisa 8" Straight

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Macie Pisa To The Point

  • 8 ” Straight
  • Short shank for power and leverage to cut through thick coats
  • A strong serrated edge to eliminate hair from pushing and sliding
  • Strong and sharp Bevel Edge for durability
  • Smaller finger holes to eliminate excess room for finger slop, thus giving user more control and comfort
  • Permanent finger rest
  • High quality  hardware holding shear together
  • 3% Cobalt added to steel, for additional edge life
  • Shear is heavier than industry standard at 3.4oz, simply because of the quality of steel used.

Macie Pisa To The Point 8" Straight has been born. This is Macie's own personal shear that she has developed with us at Affordable Grooming Shears.

This shear was developed and tested under true grooming environment conditions, during it's two plus years.

Macie needed specific qualities of a shear to suit her grooming and competing needs, and we believe this shear will set a NEW STANDARD in the grooming shear world!

Customer Reviews

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These are absolutely amazing and love how I can use them on all dogs , they live up to their name ! Straight to the point they don’t miss a hair , these also I have had for a couple years dropped them and still haven’t had to get them sharpened , they are light to hold and make the best trims


Love these shears! I purchased a pair of the straights during the Black Friday event…had I known how awesome they were I would have bought the curves too! Worth every penny though—sale price or not.

Jennifer Austin

I bought this scissor along with her Above The Curve. And let me tell you this scissor is a work horse!!! I have several AGS scissors and this line is probably my most favorite. They are VERY SHARP and cut very well. Great for doing all coat types!! I only pull these out for special dogs lol, as I don’t want to ruin them haha. My only wish would be for AGS to make this in a 10” for those long legged poodles and doodles!!

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